Rainbow Unicorn Cake

Not just a unicorn rainbow cake, but a sparkly rainbow unicorn cake! This cake was made to celebrate a birthday and was made from yummy chocolate fudge cake, and filled with strawberries and cream. The frosting was a cream cheese frosting and the decorations made from fondant.

Finished rainbow unicorn cake

The chocolate fudge cake recipe is one I use often, and can be found here – it will open in a new window. This time I made it I substituted the sour cream/creme fraiche for low fat Greek style yogurt. The cakes turned out really well – so well that I will be using this substitute every time I make it. I made two square cakes in 11 inch x 11 inch square cake tins. The linked recipe will be enough for one of these, so double it if you have two cake tins. I don’t so I made it twice. This is how they came out:

square chocolate fudge cakes

I made a pattern for the unicorn head from paper, which I drew freehand until I was happy with the shape. Here’s what that looked like:

unicron head template

I was originally going to make its ears out of cake – but they ended up as fondant – which I think looks better anyway. I (carefully) cut out sections of cake to the pattern. I should have made the template smaller, or the cakes bigger – but I ended up with four pieces of unicorn head, like this:

unicorn template headunicorn template head 2unicorn head in four pieces

OK. So the cake is kinda starting to look like a unicorn. Next time I will make a smaller cake, and try to make it just out of two pieces. Next I cut each piece in half, and added sliced strawberries and whipped cream. I think this kind of filling makes a dense chocolate fudge cake nice and fresh.

unicorn head cut in halfunicorn head filled with strawberries and creamunicorn head filled complete

Once the filling was in place I crumbed the whole cake. You can’t see in the picture above, but I laid down four thin strips of baking paper down each side of the cake board. This will catch any crumbs and drips, and can be easily slid from under the cake at the end for a nice, clean finish. I crumbed the cake really well, and I used the leftover whipped cream.

unicorn head crumbed

Then I frosted him with cream cheese frosting. You can find the recipe here and it will open in a new window.   The eye I made from white and blue fondant, and I sprayed an ice cream cone with edible silver spray. Then I began to cut strips of rolled colored fondant and stuck them on from the base over the unicorn cake for the mane.

unicorn cake with cream cheese frosting and hornunicorn cake with fondant mane

You can see I measured out seven even spaces with toothpicks so I know how much of each color to add. And then I moulded the ears out of white and pink fondant.

unicorn cake ears

I stuck the ears into the cake with toothpicks. I used an edible pearl glitter spray over the frosting, and then some more edible glitter was sprinkled all over the cake.

unicorn rainbow cake nearly finished

You can see the unicorn is a little bit sparkly in the photos – much better in real life.  To add the finishing touches I made some dark grey piping icing and added the mouth, nose and piped the lines around his eyes. Glitter rainbow unicorn cake – complete!

glitter rainbow unicorn cake